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Blood Administration Set, non-vented

Non-vented blood administration set for the administration of blood and blood components stored in flexible bags for gravity administration.

The device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Sangofix® can be used for adults, pediatric and neonates.


Blood Filter 200µm / 11cm2

  • Blood filter with 11 cm2 surface area helps to prevent particulate contamination by retaining particles >200 μm and consequently helps to avoid transfusion of blood clots and cellular debris resulting from storage
  • During a laboratory test, Sangofix® with a filter surface of 11 cm2 was used to successively administer 10 erythrocyte concentrates while providing a higher flow rate than required by ISO 1135-4
  • Hanging filter basket arrangement for soft impingement of blood drops

Drip Chamber

  • Clear, non-vented piercing spike with blunt tip to prevent puncturing of bag
  • Fully transparent dome offers visibility for a constant visual monitoring of flow rate
  • Elastic pump chamber allows easy and quick set-up of fluid level

Roller Clamp

  • Integrated spike protection at roller clamp for disposal
  • Parking position to attach the patient connector to roller clamp

Spin-Lock® Connector with PrimeStop

  • Protective PrimeStop cap stops blood leaks while priming the set and thus lowers the risk of blood exposure which could lead to microbiological contamination. Lined with a hydrophobic, bacteria-tight membrane, the protective cap stops fluid but allows air to go through. It prevents the escape of any solution or contaminants into the adjacent environment and is thus a closed system referring to NIOSH 2004 definition
  • Screw-tight SpinLock® connector helps to avoid accidental disconnection during transfusion which could lead to microbiological contamination
  • Rotating collar of Spin-Lock® connector prevents twisting of IV line during connection
  • Pressure resistant up to 400 mm Hg. (approx. 0.5 bar).
  • DEHP-free (Remark: Sangofix® sets with hand pump contain DEHP, ref. 4050192, 4050192H, 4050193, 4050193H)
  • Latex-free

All design features in accordance with International Standard ISO 1135-4.

Sangofix® Pediatrics Set (reference 4146492):

  • 200 m / 11 cm2 blood filter
  • Non-vented
  • Female Luer-Lock Connector
  • Length 4 cm
  • DEHP-free