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Standard IV administration set for infusion therapy

Gravity sets (G) are IV administration sets for gravity infusion.
Pressure sets (P) are IV administration sets for gravity and pressure infusions with compatible (non-dedicated) infusion pumps (pressure resistant up to 2 bar acc. to ISO 8536-8).


3-part drip chamber design

  • With elastic bottom chamber and transparent dome. Allows to see drop forming and constant visual monitoring of the flow rate of infusion solutions.
  • With Micro-Organism tight air vent filter (bacteria-tight and viral filter efficiency) with closable snap cap. Prevents the risk of contamination while venting the solution container
  • With fluid filter (15µm mesh size) to provide high flow rate
  • With clear and easy to pierce spike, featuring separated fluid inlet and air outlet to reduce risk of air entrainment 


  • Fluid line from the infusion bottle to the patient.
  • Soft and clear tubing that allows observance of air bubbles. 
  • Standard dimensions: lumen 3 x 4.1 mm and length 180cm

Roller clamp

  • Enables fine and flexible adjustment of flow rates
  • Offers spike protection for safe disposal
  • With tube dock designed to support handling during priming

Patient connector 

  • With Luer Lock or screw tight Spinlock adapter to prevent inadvertent disconnection (refer to available versions)
  • With back check valve to reduce the risk of back flow (versions with back check valve)

Material related information

  • Not manufactured with latex / natural rubber
  • Not manufactured with DEHP
  • Not manufactured with PVC (only applicable for versions with PUR tubing)
  • Not manufactured with BPA (except IV-Sets with Spinlock adapter, Discofix® stopcock and/or needle-free injection ports)

Duration of use

  • Duration of use is dependent on the intended therapy according to the SPC of the drug or solution
  • In general, change of IV administration sets should occur according national guidelines (e.g. CDC guideline) and/or hospital protocols
  • IV administration pressure sets (P) should be changed after 24h at the latest if used with an infusion pump

Options of standard add-on-devices; for example

  • Various tubing lengths for e.g. better patient mobility 
  • Tubing material not made with PVC or tubing material UV-protected up to 500nm wavelength to comply with SPC of corresponding drugs 
  • Infuvalve® back check valve preventing backflow of solutions and blood
  • Discofix® stopcock for needle free injection, aspiration and parallel infusion
  • Needle-free IV access with SafeFlow® or CareSite® connectors to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries