Contiplex® Tuohy Set

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Continuous peripheral nerve block catheter set

Contiplex® Tuohy needle

  • Fully coated stimulation needle with Tuohy bevel and pin point electrode for precise nerve stimulation
  • Convenient through-the-needle catheter placement system with treading assist guide
  • Time efficient unique side port valve technique for simultaneous injection and aspiration

Contiplex® catheter

  • Transparent Polyamide catheter with blue markings and special graduation pattern for easy insertion depth identification
  • Approved material for prolonged implantation
  • Available in 400 mm or 1000 mm length
  • Threading assist guide

Perifix® catheter connector

  • Safe catheter fixation
  • Easy to use ergonomic design
  • Reliable "click and ready" system

Perifix® filter 0.2 µm and PinPad

  • Improved patient comfort and hygiene
  • Fixation on patient with self-adhesive PinPad for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • High pressure resistance up to 7 bar for enhances safety
  • Low dead volume (0.45ml)

Omnifix® Luer-Lock syringe

  • 5 ml for priming and reliable aspiration