Askina® Carbosorb

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Charcoal Dressing

Askina® Carbosorb is a conformable, sterile wound dressing with a thick, absorbent layer of non woven viscose-rayon, and an activated charcoal cloth layer for bacteria and malodor absorption.
Askina® Carbosorb has limited absorption capacity: it can be used alone on low exuding malodorous wound, or in combination with other absorbing dressings for moderately to heavily exuding malodorous wounds.


  • Efficient odor absorption
  • Can be cut


Askina® Carbosorb may be used for the management of low to heavily exuding, partial to full thickness chronic wounds, in particular when infection and/or offensive odour is present: venous leg ulcers, arterial leg ulcers, pressure injuries, fungating wounds, infected and/or malodorous surgical or traumatological wounds.