Sterile Water B. Braun

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Topical irrigation solution

Sterile and pyrogen-free. 

The containers and volumes which are used are as follows: 

  • Ecotainer® PP bottle 250, 500, and 1000 ml 
  • Ecolav® PE squirt tube 100 ml 


Ecotainer® - suitable sizes to meet storage and usage needs 

  • Color coded screw caps for easy differentiation 
  • A comfortable grip and excellent non-drip pouring characteristics. 
  • A graduation scale supports volume measurement 


Ecolav® - easy to handle and time saving 

  • Precise and direct irrigation with the spray nozzle 
  • Immediate use after opening via the twist off cap and hence time-saving in the irrigation process. 
  • Reduce wastage with small volume container for eye, nasal and wound irrigation. 


  • Moistening of tissue and cleansing of the operating area during surgical procedures 
  • Rinsing of wounds in the event of injuries and burns 
  • Moistening of wound tamponades, cloths, bandages and dressings 
  • Cleansing of operating instruments and accessories 
  • For filling respiratory air humidifiers 
  • Irrigation of the eyes and noses