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Excellent knot fit for reliable sutures

Novosyn® is a mid term, absorbable and braided suture material. Novosyn® is widely used in veterinary practice and veterinary clinics for ligatures and for eye surgery. The braided structure gives Novosyn® an excellent knot fit from the first loop and is particularly flexible.


  • Ligatures
  • Ophthalmology
  • Gynaecology, urology, abdominal wall closure

Properties and features

  • Improved knot pull tensile strength
  • Good flexibility performance

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Structure:Polyfilament braided, coated
Chemical composition:Poly(glycolide-co-l-lactide 90/10)
Coating:Poly(glycolide-co-l-lactide 35/65) + CaSt
Diameter:USP 8/0 - USP 2
Absorption time:~ 21 days
Knot tensile strength retention:~ 21 days p. i. 50 %
Mass absorption:~ 56 - 70 days

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