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Two parameters in particular are crucial for the success of a surgical intervention: accuracy and continuity. The demands placed on the surgical team, the instruments that are used and the processes before, during and after an operation are correspondingly high.
B. Braun Vet Care supports you through the entire process, with quality, expertise and product selection. From high quality surgical instruments and implants and a deep understanding of repairs, care and maintenance, we are a system partner in surgery.


The most frequent problems in small animals such as cats and dogs include oral cavity diseases. Tartar and parodontitis is the most frequent cause in dogs. FORL (Feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions) is one of the most frequent conditions in cats. In addition, there are many other causes, such as tooth or jaw fractures resulting from play, malpositions or oral cavity tumors, for example. Animals not only suffer from pain as a result; their general well-being can be affected and there can be effects on other regions of the body.
We offer our basic set of dental instrumentation in order to best support your daily routine preventive care examinations, and for minor interventions such as removing tartar or for simple tooth extractions.
With specialized instruments from Aesculap's large, diverse dental portfolio, you can also handle "difficult" cases, apply plastic fillings, fixate jaw fractures and make your everyday work easier.


B. Braun manufactures over 70,000 surgical instruments and components. Listed below is the range of Veterinary specific instruments we specialise in:

  • Restraining Equipment
  • Diagnostic, Preparation and Care
  • Castrating and Sexual Organ
  • Obstetric and Teat Instruments
  • Hoof, Claw and De-Horning Instruments
  • Grooming (Electrical)
  • Meat Inspection and Post Mortem
  • Instruments for Bone Surgery
  • Osteosynthesis for Small Animals
  • ENT
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Rigid Containers for Sterilisation
  • General Surgical Instruments
  • Neurosurgery
  • Laparoscopic


The material used for our instruments exceed therequirements as recommended in DIN, ISO and EN standards. By doing this we improve the mechanical properties and the corrosion resistance of our instruments. In our material testing laboratory equipped with the most modern testing equipment, we test and monitor every batch of material we receive, thus ensuring that only absolutely perfect stainless steel is employed in our production.

Model Faithfulness:

Our manufacturing technique, a combination of technology and precision manual work, integrated with our knowledge and expertise, enables us to produce instruments that are always true to pattern, extremely precise and of consistent high quality. During manufacturing, the production stages of every single instrument are monitored with the help of measurement check sheets, factory samples and internal quality guidelines. These measures allow us to manufacture to even tighter tolerances than those stipulated in the standards. As a result, we are able to warrant model faithfulness for years on end.

Surgical Instruments - Testing and Maintenance

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