Challenger Ti-P / Ti

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Combination of a reusable multi-fire clip applier and a single use clip cartridge

Challenger® Ti-P
Pneumatic Reusable Multi-Fire Clip Applier

Modular design simplifies disassemby, cleaning, maintenance and sterile preparation
Innovative technology - pneumatic clip loading
Reliable vessel occlusion
Reposable System - reusable applier and single use clip cartridge
One System with different shafts
Challenger® Ti
Reusable Multi-Fire Clip Applier

We are offering you two different clip appliers and two clip sizes for various laparoscopic procedures.

Modular design simplifies disassembly, cleaning, maintenance and sterile preparation
Separate functional elements for clip loading and clip closure
Challenger Ti-P / Ti Ligation-Clips

Available in the clip sizes medium-large and small-medium
A diamond-shaped inner clip profile provides an enlarged contact surface
The special closing characteristic of the clip allows a repositioning of the clip and reduces the risk of tissue slippage out of the clip